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A Community Memorial
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July 23, 2009 — August 15, 2009
76 Grand Street, New York

Dash Snow’s friends and family have joined together to create an open memorial exhibition for Dash’s community. We have asked friends to bring photographs and video of Dash and works of art made for Dash and works made in his memory. Friends have also brought in special works by Dash from their own collections. A group of previously unseen Polaroids from Dash’s studio are also included.

The memorial project also has an open wall where Dash’s friends and admirers can write, paint or paste artworks and texts in his memory.

The façade of the gallery has been painted over with a giant fire extinguisher version of Dash’s tag, SACER.

Visitors are encouraged to bring flowers to throw into the main gallery where images of Dash and his own works are exhibited.

Dash’s community of friends is invited to bring in additional images and works during the run of the show.

Jade Berreau
Dan Colen
Jeffrey Deitch
Christophe de Menil
Kathy Grayson
Hanna Liden
Agathe Snow

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